Hello, you. 

Merry Christmas. 


And a happy fucking new year. 


Art has started to be made. 


I’m putting myself through a DIY crash course in colour theory. Epic Project was feeling so huge that I needed something totally basic to lead me out from the Dangerous Swamp of endless ‘research’, and onto some kind of path. A path I can follow. 

They’re just color studies. The shapes are based on drawings of weeds I did earlier in the year. 

This is the start – a tiny, almost embarrassingly insignificant start. It’s like… a postage stamp of a start, or.. or.. a fucking LITTLE BEAN of a start. Oh but it feels so good. It feels like letting out a breath I’ve been keeping in my lungs for months and months. 

I’ll post more as I go along. I want to do a tutorial on how to mix Chromatic Grays (a grey with color in it) and Muted Colors (a color with grey in it) called… wait for it…

50 Shades of Real Fucking Grey.

Some bonus art! 

I drew this for our New Year’s Eve Carnival of Life and Death party invite. Our 3 dead cats are frolicking in the earth, feeding the fire of our Tree of Life, and Zedeck’s book-to-be (he’s at story no. 87, really in the trenches of it now. When it’s done, it’s going to be so fucking good). 


I also drew this a couple of nights ago. Not finished, but here you go. Trying (and failing) to sit still in the Tree of Life and Death. Also, booooooobbbiesss. 


I started jogging again, which, to perfectly honest, I hate doing. I mean, I like the jogging itself, and I especially like the endorphins after, but I hate the part right before – the part that doesn’t want to put the shoes on, that just wants to sit here and do Internet. 

The hard part. It wins all the time. 

But on the days I win, I get to listen to music when I jog. I’ve been listening to this song… 

Oh guys, I love this song. William Shatner’s voice. The fact it’s William fucking Shatner, yes formerly Captain James T. Kirk – apparently he can’t carry a tune, but he wanted to make an album, so he wrote and performed the words and got Ben Folds to make the music.

It makes me feel… so… very…

He says
Grecian urn
Midwest turn
So much to learn


She says our souls
Are warm

From hearts
That were torn


Together they say
A breath renewed
With you
Our arms our home
We are not alone
Not alone


Our souls are warm
Lives reborn
From hearts that were torn
Breath renewed
Everyday with you
Our arms our home
We are not alone


We’re ready…



P.S. – If you’re wondering, I still have tales and sights from the roadtrip. I’ll post them eventually as we get into the new year.