This weekend I was in KL, because of family, and so I’ve been churning out paintings on the floor of my old bedroom. My back hurts so, so much. (I’m never disrespecting painters again. How the hell do they do it???)


BTW, I found a space for the Weeds show! Merdekarya, an awesome new indie bookshop/space in Taman Petaling. (Just a few doors down from May N Mike’s, for all you makan enthusiasts.)

And a date: 10 March 2013. That’s a Sunday.


I love Merdekarya so much. Because:

(1) It’s got such a neighbourhoodly feeling;

(2) It’s not a white-empty-wall box;

(3) Brian Gomez, one of the people that run it, says the name is pronounced “merde karya” — hehehe, geddit?

(4) It’s got this beautiful balcony:


Photo is blur because I’m swooning.


One of the Weed paintings (a flag triptych) is part of BARRICADE, now at Map@Publika. It’s a group exhibition about political art ‘n stuff, by the usual — and not so usual — suspects.


Lookie here’s a photo of my work at the show, flapping in a rogue breeze that managed to infiltrate the gallery space guerrilla-style: