I’m showing my work ‘Pendatang/Arrivals: Pocket Seas‘ at Immaterial Frontiers 2.0, a group exhibition at the National Visual Arts Gallery. The work is from 2008, and was developed in Penang at the Malihom-RBS Artist in Residence programme. It’s never been exhibited in KL. I’m excited to put it together again and see what it means today! Check out the installation in progress on my Tumblr.

Immaterial Frontiers 2.0 runs from 18 July – 12 Oct 2014.

The National Visual Arts Gallery (NVAG) is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Immaterial Frontiers 2.0. This exhibition features the work of leading media artists from the region in dialogue with Malaysian media artists. 

The exhibition presents works which question the idea of boundaries. It asks how do boundaries define peoples and places and at the same time asks us if these borders aren’t just figments of our imagination. 

Artists in the exhibition include, Charles Lim (Singapore), Dinh Q Lé (Vietnam), Tintin Wulia (Indonesia), Tad Ermitaño (Philippines), Cheo Chai-Hiang (Singapore/Malaysia) and from Malaysia, Sharon Chin, Candice Ng and Yap SAu Bin in collaboration with Lena Obergfell and Fihir Omar.