I’ll be part of a dialogue session with artists Krisna Murti and Tad Ermitano this Sat, 9 Aug 2014, 2.30 – 4.30pm at Galeri Reka, National Visual Arts Gallery. This is one of the public programmes in conjunction with the Immaterial Frontiers 2.0 exhibition.

(De)Coding Frontiers / Download App(reciation)

In conjunction with the exhibition Immaterial Frontiers 2.0, a series of supporting programmes aims to decode the myth of geeky media artists and the process of media art making. We look forward to a series of Art Talks and Workshops by inviting regional media art practitioners to share their passions.

Media art is a new form of expression; it is so near to our daily living habits that we can’t imagine life without a smartphone that connects us to the global social media network. Now in its presentation as an art form, we step back from the door of the gallery and ask: “what is this about?”

Don’t worry! Decoders: artists, writers and curators are here to decode this new app(reciation). We just need to download this app and access the programmes that allow us to rise as self-aware users of media and technology.