weeds invite

I made new work! A series of paintings of various garden weeds on political party flags. And I am showing them in a ONE NIGHT ONLY art show + open mic + art party at cool indie space, Merdekarya.

This is my first solo show since 2011. Things have changed. I’ve changed.

Come! SUN 10 March 2013, 4 – 11pm.


Artist Sharon Chin will hold a one-day art show entitled “Weeds/Rumpai”, featuring a series of paintings of various garden weeds on upcycled political flags that began appearing in public spaces around the third quarter of 2012.

Created in response to Chin’s environment, “Weeds/Rumpai” celebrates ordinary people and their daily lives. The exhibition is especially timely, given the current political events and discourse dominating all aspects of Malaysian life.

Door opens at 4pm, Party starts at 7pm.

What’s in Store?

Join us for a casual evening featuring a DJ set and open mic night organised by singer-songwriter Jerome Kugan.

Assemble your own zine made-up of garden flora and fauna hand-drawn by Sharon and take it home as a memento.

Works are on sale until midnight. Otherwise, pre-order at www.sharonchin.com.