Performing Gender

You can read the essay version of the talk I gave here.


An audio visual presentation and conversation featuring Sharon Chin, Shika Corona, Sharaad Kuttan and Edwin Sumun, moderated by Thilaga, founder of Justice for Sisters, that will explore femininity, masculinity, gender performativity and the diverse expressions and manifestations of gender through art and performance.

Here is an article on gender expression and identities that will give you an idea of the topic that they will talk about:

Judith Butler – Gender Performance


At the talk. From left to right: Thilaga – founder of Justice For Sisters, myself, Shika Corona – artist and trans activist, Sharaad Kuttan – radio host and cultural commentator, Edwin Sumun – performer and manifestor of the fabulous drag queen SHELAH!!!



Photos by mapKL and Trisha Rai Nisha Ayub.